About Our Shop

What We Offer

Big Daddy's Barbershop and Shave Parlor is Carlisle's classic barbering experience.  We are here to deliver an old-school barber shop vibe with a little modern flavor.  From our 'look' to our attitude, we are all about creating a true place for MEN to call their own.  Whether you are looking for a classic cut or a hot lather, straight razor shave, Big Daddy's is the place to be!

Whether you are looking for a cool way to start your Bachelor Party or need privacy for you and your loved ones as you have a head shaved in preparation to do battle with cancer, Big Daddy's is the ONLY Barbershop in the area to offer Private Party bookings.  Anything, within reason, can be arranged.  If you are interested, please contact us for further information.

Private Parties

Every haircut starts with a consultation to properly determine what cut you want, includes optional 'eye brow wrangling,' and is completed with a hot lather neck shave. 


Classic Shave
That's right!  Straight Razor face and head shaves are available - all day, every day!  They include those wonderful hot steam towels you've heard about and have been known to induce sleep!


The Man's Facial Massage
Long before spas stole it from us and "made 'em 'girlie," Men enjoyed the relaxing properties and skin care benefits of a facial massage...We're taking it back!  Try what your Grandfather took for granted